Mobo, a beach-cruiser style bike company concerned about dwindling market share, came to Young & Hungry for some help with its advertising message.

After a deep dive into the existing marketing and overall product line, Y&H determined that before we developed new ads for them, Mobo should consider several alternative marketing tactics.

Research showed that the product placement / sales platform for Mobo’s kid’s models was dated and stale — essentially a picture on a box. Y&H suggested Mobo develop an experiential center-court mall kiosk sales space, where kids could ride a Mobo. Parents can see how much their children enjoy riding a Mobo and purchase one on a convenient interactive screen.

Y&H further capitalized on the insight that once you ride on one, you want to own one and developed the Mobo Beach Truck.  

A mobile beach boardwalk station that provides free rentals for the day. After riding, consumers could also purchase one on the spot.

Further Y&H research showed that parents were concerned about cost so Y&H proposed a new convertible Mobo model for stylish, but budget-conscious parents. 

Over a time frame of three years, it evolves from a high-end stroller for a toddler, into that same child’s first bike.

Y&H worked with an industrial designer to develop “The Mobo Stroll”.